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Custom Costumes


When you’re on stage, you’ve only got a short window — often only a few minutes — to tell your story and get noticed. Your costume needs to be the perfect balance of simplicity and flair; it needs to be bold, intricate, and — above all — fabulous. 
You’ve got the moves and have spent months perfecting your routine. It’s your moment in the spotlight and your costume can make or break how you feel on the night. 
Will it pop on stage? Will you be able to move freely? Will it win Best Costume? 

That’s where Stellar Stage Apparel comes in. 
Let me take the worry out of your costume. My garments will move with ​your ​ body so you can focus on strutting your stuff on stage and reveling in the exhilaration of being under those lights. 

About Stellar Stage Apparel custom costumes


8-12 weeks is out from when you want your costume for is the best lead time to give when ordering.


Custom costumes are designed to your specifications and made to fit you! Every costume is unique

and hand crafted from start to finish. 


Generally custom orders are priced from $550 NZD (about $370 USD) .  This increases depending on the

complexity, labour and amount of embellishment in your design. You have final sign off on the design so your

sketch can be simplified to accommodate your budget if needed. There is a one off charge of $150 NZD to have

your design sketch done and to secure your spot for a custom design.


Every custom costume comes with its own complementary

Stellar Stage Apparel storage bag and is beautifully wrapped in tissue and gift box. 

We ship internationally! Shipping prices vary from country to country but we will let you know the prices when the

time comes to send your order. 


The process - what to expect when you order a custom Stellar costume!


  1. Check availability 


Email an enquiry to to confirm I have availability for a new commission. If you can please include the date you wish to receive the costume, a brief description of what you are after, your budget and your location. 


The more lead time you give the more likely I am to be able to fit you in! A good amount of time to aim for is 8-12 weeks out from when you need it but I can do it in a shorter period of time if needed. Sometimes there will be a rush fee but that is something I will discuss with you prior.


I prefer to send costumes a few weeks prior to the date you need it for however this can be shortened depending on your timeframe and location. 


2. Design brief


Once availability is confirmed, I’ll send you a form to complete with the info I need to know for your design and to confirm your send date (three to four weeks out from the date you want to receive it for). I’ll also send through a design and booking invoice for $150 NZD. Once I have received your brief and deposit I can start designing your costume.  


3. Sketch


I usually have the sketch emailed to you within a week. I write notes with the sketch to explain the different features and sometimes I will include a picture of a fabric or embellishment to help illustrate the vision. From there you can give feedback and request revisions if needed. Usually one or two small revisions are made. I’ll let you know how much the costume will cost during this process so we can tweak things to fit a budget if needed. 


Once you are happy with the design and price estimate it’s time to send your measurements!


4. Measurements


I’ll send you an individualised form with all the measurements I need for your costume listed with photos and description of how to take them.  I usually like the measurements to be submitted within a week or two of receiving the form.


5. Construction 


Once your measurements and second deposit are received I can start work on your costume. This is the part where you kick back and relax while I get to work! 


If you decide you want a design change I will do my best to accommodate this. There may be an extra charge if it's a significant change, but I'll discuss this with you before any decisions are made. 


6. Completion! 


 If I finish your costume before the send date I'll let you know in case you want it sooner otherwise I’ll be in touch a few days before your send date to confirm your final payment is made before sending and check shipping details.  


Some people like to see a photo once their costume is done, some people like to keep it a surprise! You can let me know what you prefer at this stage. 


7. Shipping 


Shipping is free for New Zealand orders. For international I can send using economy + tracking which is about 10-15 working days or I can send via DHL for express delivery 3-5 working days. I can let you know the price for each so you can choose the option best for you . For shipping within New Zealand I use Courier Post which is 1-2 working days and also trackred. 


You will be sent your tracking details and confirmation it has been sent.

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