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Estelle Peacock: Designer and Founder of

Stellar Stage Apparel 

I’m Estelle Peacock, the face, mind, and hands behind Stellar Stage Apparel. I combine impeccable craftsmanship with a fun, playful attitude to bring your vision to life.  

With a background in high-end fashion and pole dancing, I can seamlessly blend function with beauty, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that look and feel fabulous no matter how you twist your body. 

A Bit of History

I come from a family of dressmakers, so you could say design is in my blood. 
After completing a Bachelor in Design (Fashion) with Honours, I made my mark at various fashion houses around New Zealand. This is where I developed an eye for stand-out designs and how they complement bodies from all walks of life. 


I’ve got a knack for visualising patterns and constructing garments that make my clients feel confident and ready to take on the world. A natural communicator, I take my clients’ wildest ideas and transform them into edgy, creative pieces bursting with personality. 

My love for design and performing collided when I started competing in pole dancing competitions, where I made my own costumes. It made sense: I knew how they needed to move and breathe, and I had a few tricks up my sleeve to make them stand out on stage. 
My fellow performers trusted me with their costumes too, and soon I was making award-winning costumes for a range of performers and performances. 

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