Performace Costumes


When you’re on stage, you’ve only got a short window — often only a few minutes — to tell your story and get noticed. Your costume needs to be the perfect balance of simplicity and flair; it needs to be bold, intricate, and — above all — fabulous. 
You’ve got the moves and have spent months perfecting your routine. It’s your moment in the spotlight and your costume can make or break how you feel on the night. 
Will it pop on stage? Will you be able to move freely? Will it win Best Costume? 
That’s where Stellar Stage Apparel comes in. 
Let me take the worry out of your costume. My garments will move with ​your ​ body so you can focus on strutting your stuff on stage and reveling in the exhilaration of being under those lights. 

When you request a design and quote you receive:


- A comprehensive design consultation form to fill out.

- A detailed initial sketch and price estimate based off your form submission.

- Two revisions of the costume design based on your feedback.

- A detailed final sketch and costing.

Turn around time for the first sketch is five working days from receiving the completed consult form.

You will be given the opportunity to specify a budget or price point you want to stay within. Prices start at $250 NZD ($180 USD).


About Custom Made Costumes: 


- Stellar Stage Apparel custom costumes generally average around $450 NZD ($320 USD) each. 

- Every costume is made to your exact measurements and specifications.

- We ship worldwide. 

- The turn around time can be up to 12 weeks from the date of confirmation, it is always a good idea to check our availability first if you need a costume within that timeframe. 

- Every custom costume comes with a beautiful satin Stellar Stage Apparel storage bag.

- A four part payment plan is available.


Please note we are not currently taking on custom costume bookings.